Ancestral Protection

Acrylic and Ink on Canvas

48 by 52 inches

Alexandra Baker Fine Art

San Diego 2020

Available for Purchase

As I was painting this piece I was praying for Divine Protection. I felt out in the cold, and let the process of painting completely take over as I got lost in my own prayers. The painting that you see here was the answer to my prayer. The white circles coming down the center of the canvas represent the spine, and the covering of pinks and tan coming from the top of the painting represents Ancestral and Divine protection washing over and covering all parts of me. The painting appeared in front of me as I painted it, as a Divine message to let go of fear and remember the truth that we are all covered in Love.

When we think we're alone it's only an illusion. There is more love in the Universe for us, more people from our lineage cheering us on, than can be put into words. Truly we are covered in protection and love at all times. May this painting be a reminder.

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Many Blessings,

Alexandra Baker Fine Art


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