Growing up in Memphis, I was blessed to take art classes at the Memphis College of Art, and private classes with Kay Spruil.

During my years at The University of Vermont, I took several fine art classes, my favorite of which was film photography. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature (2012) and worked at the local Rape Crisis Center during my time in Burlington.

In the classroom I studied art as a skill, something to be "good at" and graded on. In 2018 I found myself approaching the canvas with a new aim: to heal. Though I hadn't studied painting in years, I felt a need to paint I couldn't ignore. The first push of paint across canvas came with the deepest, freest breath I've ever taken. I was remembering and rediscovering how to be fully myself.

Painting is a way for me to communicate with my higher wisdom, to express myself, and bear witness to my own heart. Each painting carries its own energy. When you feel compelled to bring a piece into your space, honor your inner knowing.

I come to my canvas to heal, pray, and play and am so excited to share this Medicine with you. If the Creator built you to swim, I encourage you to get in the water!